Online Seminar of Assamese Mathematicians

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About The Seminar

This seminar takes place usually on Fridays, at a suitable time and is meant for talks by young Assamese mathematicians (PhD Students, Postdocs, and young faculty members). If you wish to attend or give a talk in the seminar please email me ([email protected]) or Parama Dutta ([email protected]).

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All the talks will be over Zoom and the meeting details will be emailed to the registered participants.

Next Talk

Hypergeometric Series over Finite Fields

Arjun Singh Chetry (IIIT, Guwahati)

10 July 2020 (8 pm IST)

Abstract: Hypergeometric series are special functions which find its applications in numerous branch of mathematics. In this talk, we shall visualize this function from a number-theoretic point of view. In 1987, John Greene developed a character sum analogue of the binomial theorem and binomial coeficients, and as a result, finite field analogue for the hypergeometric series was established. Analogous to the classical series, hypergeometric series over finite fields satisfy many summation and transformation formulas. We shall look into some of them.

Upcoming Talks

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17 July, 2020 (5 pm IST): Families of Congruences for Fractional Partition Functions Modulo Powers of Primes (Hirakjyoti Das, Tezpur University) Recently, Chan and Wang (Fractional powers of the generating function for the partition function. Acta Arith. 187(1), 59--80 (2019)) studied the fractional powers of the generating function for the partition function and found several congruences satisfied by the corresponding coefficients. In this talk, we find some new families of congruences modulo powers of primes. We also find analogous results for the coefficients of the fractional powers of the generating function for the 2-color partition function.
31 July, 2020: tba (Bishal Deb, University College London) tba

Past Talks

What is the Probability that an automorphism fixes a group element? (Parama Dutta: 26 June 2020)


When does the seminar take place?

Usually on Fridays, the times change depending on the availability of the speaker.

Who can attend?

Everyone is welcome to attend, but you have to register to get the links to attend the seminars. You can register by sending an email to [email protected], mentioning your name and affiliation (if any).

Who can give a talk?

At the moment we are encouraging only PhD students, postdocs and young faculty members either from Assam or living in Assam to give talks. If you are interested in giving a talk, please send an email to [email protected] or [email protected]

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